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We like sustainable success!

And that means sustainable on every level. That’s why, as Europe’s leading content manufacturer, we try to act responsibly not only for the benefit of our customers, but also for that of a healthy environment.


Drive green. Drive smart. Drive electric.

We say goodbye to fossil fuel stops and recharge with sustainable energy.
From now on, every one of our employees can use our e-minis for business trips.
More fun, less consumption of resources.

E-charging station

More power,
less CO2-

4 charging points provide more green energy at our Bremen studio so that employees, customers and partners can recharge during breaks – and at favourable rates.

Business Bike

Bike pedal instead
of the gas pedal!

The best way to save energy is to use your own, and it also keeps you fit.
That’s why we offer our employees the opportunity to lease a bike of their choice together with BusinessBike, and purchase it at a favourable price at the end of the leasing period.

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Meadow orchard

Cultivating a Greener Future!

“Green meadow” is our most recent project.
The name describes it in the trust sense of the word: We bought a piece of grassland to turn it into a meadow orchard.

In our modern, monoculture-dominated agriculture, traditional orchards are becoming increasingly rare. This leads to the extinction of many species and the loss of old fruit varieties. Both of these aspects, however, have significant implications for maintaining a good climate. Aside from that, an orchard blossoming with mixed fruit trees offers a beautiful sight all year round and provides a visually pleasing view for passersby.

We have joined the Orchard Meadow Alliance of Lower Saxony and are planning to use the harvest to produce jams, juices, or to produce something high-proof. After all, a healthier nature is a good reason to toast in any case.

Water dispenser

Three water dispensers installed,
54,000 bottles saved!

Every employee drinks about 1 litre of water from plastic bottles every day, which corresponds to about 54,000 bottles per year and about 4,500 water crates in our company. After setting up the water dispensers, not only are the bottles and crates no longer needed, but also the transport, because we use the regional water supply.

Protecting the environment can be so simple!


We're parting ways!

Namely, from the 150 trash cans and the accompanying 20,000 plastic bags we used annually for this purpose!

From now on, we’re separating even more efficiently with our 10 recycling bins, which replace the 150 trash cans and thousands of bags. This way, we’re conserving natural resources in an even more sustainable manner and reducing CO2 emissions.

Our Social Engagement

As a company, Wiethe is already involved in several social and environmental projects.
Here are some of them:

Currently, every fifth child in Germany is affected by poverty. For this reason, we have organized a regional Christmas donation campaign under the motto “Keep Smiling,” where, with the strong support of our employees, we were able to gather numerous toys, clothing, books, and much more. Through an additional donation to the Osnabrück Children’s Table and the German Children’s Fund Bremen, we were able to provide children and families with a more joyful Christmas celebration.

Would you like to support the project as well? Contact us at: keepsmiling@wiethe.com

We launched the ZOOGOS donation campaign in collaboration with Zoo Osnabrück. The initiators Dirk Lührmann, Markus Wiethe, and the artist René Turrek had the idea to create a popular photo motif for the zoo, which aims not only to delight visitors but also to encourage them to support the zoo and its animals. The photo motif takes the form of a life-sized plastic gorilla sculpture, enhanced with spray paint by artist René Turrek. It now captures the attention of zoo visitors, inviting them to take cool photos.

We support the organization HelpAge, which carries out development work in emerging countries. The focus is on international elderly care, aiming to provide older people with a dignified and self-determined life. The main areas of focus include combating elderly poverty through pensions, promoting health and nutrition, and providing emergency relief after disasters.